“A step forward for Moving Planet: Azerbaijan is for 350!”

18 Sep

When we won an influential song contest Eurovision, we won world’s attention on Azerbaijan as well. It was the time when an idea of replacing the focal point of community to more mundane seized us. Focus of politicians, attention of media, and concentration of Europe as well as the whole world.

This has become a great opportunity for green-thinkers to raise public awareness on protection of environment. And now, here in Baku, at the very eastern corner of Europe, we are trying to generate a day that is low in all harmful and rich in happiness.

Active public unions are especially urgent. Ireli Public Union as one of the most active unions is planning to take action this year. Creative young people here are at their highest eagerness to organise the largest public movement in Azerbaijan. As it was last year during Global World Party they organized, they are aiming to arrange the biggest environmentally friendly event of this year in Azerbaijan. The event is going to last 4 hours and is intended to bring together vast amount of population. All green-thinking and green-acting people are willingly looking forward to this event to happen. Pleasant fact is that every time during such events Ireli Public Union manages to assemble significant amount of people around and consequently public consciousness on environmental issues are being raised. This year, there is no doubt, people’s knowledge about 350 is going to develop appreciably.

All the arrangements are already over, time has come to act. There is a high mood in the union these days. Guys are very enthusiastic. They are sure this is going to be the greatest, most superior, and superlative demonstration ever conducted in Azerbaijan.

On behalf of Azerbaijani youth we say Azerbaijan is for 350! Let’s move the planet on 24 September!!!


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