How you can feel after moving the planet

25 Sep

Moving PlanetSeptember 24, 2011 became unforgettable. For the first time I realised how happy we all were, living on Earth, still breathing. I became conscious that everything in the universe is designed for human life to thrive on Earth. As a result of the day’s events, a life-long comprehension took over me that we all must thank an unseen supernatural power created our universe in such a unique way. I started to appreciate the importance of protection the ideal surroundings presented to us by the supernatural.

         On that day I participated in Moving Planet events organized by IRELI Public Union. Azerbaijan this year joined world-wide movement intended to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350ppm. In general, events were very productive. Firstly, participants attended “Green Planet” seminars by sophisticated trainers. Here we were informed about theories of the origin of the universe. I heard facts showing how perfect Earth’s creation and position on the universe were for human life. Besides, every creature, each tiny detail on Earth had been designed to serve human existence. We were introduced with results of investigations which proved that nothing could duplicate ideal condition established on the Earth by origin. There I understood how vital it was to protect friendly conditions initially created on Earth.

         After that, we streamed towards square at Maiden Tower in Old City where the main part of ceremony was to take place. And also that was the place where I met an old friend of mine, who was attending the action too. It was a special feeling to meet her there among many other people, kind of great satisfaction to notice your acquaintance and to be noticed the moment when you both stand for cleaner world. And there I was, on the northeastern corner of  “3”(see the photo above), stood quiet, speechless, but proud of myself. Bright sun of Baku shining on me, I celebrated my unseen, unnoticed “victory” silently, in my heart. I breathed with pleasure, because I had done zero-dot-zero-zero-zero-…-one percent of what I could have done for cleaner planet. But what is more, much more important, my effort was awarded with happy smile of my friend whom I met there after ages.

After I came home that day, I turned off the lights at home and drank a glass of cool water instead of my usual cup of hot tea.


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